NBD Bi-component Dispensing Head

NBD Bi-component Dispensing Head

Contax Production Automation Ltd

This dispenser was developed specially for dispensing and mixing small quantities of bi-component substances. Versions are available for volumetric dispensing either with or without numerical control. Each component is dispensed separately into a static or dynamic mixing cartridge. In the case of polymerisation, the disposable mixing cartridge can be rapidly replaced. The mixing cartridge is a plastic chamber fitted with a rotary spindle carrying a mixing paddle. The micro dispenser uses a piston and cylinder made from ceramic material this gives the pump a very long life. The latest manufacturing techniques and close tolerances mean the MTA dispensers can achieve statistical repeatability levels around one tenth of a percent. This dispenser can be used with dense, sticky substances right through to thin, fluid substances.

  • Disposable mixing cartridge.
  • No rinsing necessary.
  • Easily variable mixing ratios.
  • With or without numerical control.
  • Very low dead volume.
  • Controlled by PC.