Solutions for high precision automated soldering

Contax Production Automation Ltd

With 35 years experience and 1,500 automated soldering systems delivered globally, MTA automation is a world leader in selective point-to-point soldering. We can offer 4 distinct methods adaptable to our robotic soldering systems, turnkey cell integration or as stand-alone soldering stations. Depending on the application, MTA can help you determine the best possible automated soldering technique in order to optimise your production. Our test laboratories perform a feasibility study during which physical properties such as material, surface treatment, alloy structure of the solder wire and flow type are analysed. This allows us to determine the best possible method for automatic soldering of your application.

RC500 platform robotic micro-soldering, ideal for both in-line and stand-alone applications with a 500mm x 500mm work area.

TR300 platform bench-top robotic micro-soldering for bench-top stand-alone applications with a work area of 300mm x 300mm.

Soldering Station independent soldering applications where multiple axis of movement are not required

80 Watt soldering iron head The 80 Watt soldering iron is the most common technique used in robotic soldering.

High frequency soldering iron head- for difficult soldering applications this solution also provides bit life span 20,000 to 60,000 points.

Induction soldering head Contrary to soldering with an iron the heat transfer is not dependent on a physical contact between the source of heat and the work piece.

Laser soldering head Offering soldering without physical contact with the work piece and very precise and concentrated energy distribution.

  • 80W Soldering Iron
  • High Frequency Iron
  • Micro flame
  • Induction
  • Laser