High Frequency Soldering

High frequency soldering iron head

Contax Production Automation Ltd

High Frequency Soldering
A DC motor drives the wire feed to ensure a precise and consistent solder feed. The solder tip is designed to be changed quickly and easily with very good repeatability of tip position. Typical soldering bit life span 20,000 to 60,000 points. Angle of the soldering iron tip and the solder feed tube can be adjusted to suit the process. Fume extraction is located at the point of soldering. The soldering head is tried and tested with lead free solder.

  • Very fast warm up, no overshoot of working temperature.
  • Working temperature 500C lower than an iron with a conventional heater.
  • Longer tip life.
  • Tip temperature self regulating within +/- 1 oC.
  • Twice the energy delivery of a conventional heated soldering iron for the same input.