Essemtec Pantera


Contax Production Automation Ltd

The Fox Pick & place machines fulfill the requirements of high mix SMT production. They offer a large on machine component capability of 115 x 8mm (Pantera) tape feeders or a combination of tapes, tubes and trays which therefore allows for production changes with minimal downtime.

The Pantera systems have a wealth of integrated features, which are specifically developed for small to mid size production volumes. The XV is fitted with an upward looking camera in addition to the standard non-contact component centring system.

The Pantera can be configured to match individual requirements and offer a large capability within a small footprint.

  • Output upto 4,500 cph
  • Changeover with minimal downtime
  • Laser and Vision "on the fly" centring
  • Components from 0201 to 50x50 mm
  • CAD conversion
  • Small footprint