Contax Production Automation Ltd

The RO06-Plus is a bench-mounted oven designed for small volumes but has the ability to achieve the same reflow profiles as larger production ovens. The RO06-PLUS offers convection heating, which through microprocessor control allows programming of accurate profiles. The compact size of the machine allows for use in smaller environments.

A motorised drawer transports the PCB into the precisely regulated heated chamber for the set profile and then transports the PCB to the integrated cool zone for profile completion. The PCB holder provides for PCBs up to 400 x 300 mm, or the soldering of many small PCBs at the same time. A large viewing window allows the reflow process to be monitored which is extremely important for guaranteeing trouble free soldering when prototyping.

  • Full force convection, lead free capable
  • Motorised transport system
  • Automatic transportation to cool zone at end of process
  • Viewing window for process monitoring
  • Compact table model
  • Fume extractor connector