Humidity Cabinets

Low humidity storage cabinets

Contax Production Automation Ltd

All expensive and delicate components need to be carefully stored before assembly but special care needs to be taken with moisture sensitive components. To meet the IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033A specification it is clear that storing delicate components in a ultra low humidity cabinet is necessary. Specifying a suitable solution requires a full understanding of the parameters that will effect your products and your process. Not all low-humidity storage cabinets are the same, it is the small variances in environment and cabinet that can make the difference when selecting a system to suit your requirements.

DXU Range from McDry
– Market leading ultra low humidity cabinets, less 1%, specials available

MCU Range from McDry
– 3% low humidity cabinets

  • Entry level to high volume production
  • Suitable for flexible production environments
  • Backed by training and maintenance support from Contax
  • Process support available