DXU 1% RH range from McDry

Contax Production Automation Ltd

Humidity OvensMicro-cracking occurs in nearly 100% of IC packages containing moisture during the Reflow process. This results in the corrosion of printed circuits for an extended period of time causing breakage of wiring and other problems.

DXU Ultra Low Humidity Storage Cabinets can dehumidify IC's to prevent micro-cracking and can be used as an alternative to baking. Using powerful Zeolite desiccant eliminates the need for the use of expensive nitrogen and makes the system maintenance free as the moisture absorbent system is automatically regenerated. The system has a good recovery time after the doors have been open and can be located anywhere in the factory where there is a standard 13 amp socket.

  • Can maintain an RH level of 1%
  • Equipped with a digital RH Meter
  • Eliminates the need to purchase moisture barrier bags, desiccants and RH indicators
  • Eliminates the cost of nitrogen
  • Eliminate the need for baking of some components
  • Very low running cost
  • Wide range of cabinet sizes available