FRC500 Soldering Robot

FRC500 Robotic micro-soldering platform.

Contax Production Automation Ltd

FRC500 Soldering Robot
The FRC500 soldering robot is a PC controlled robot allowing the automation of soldering operations. A great variety of industrial micro-soldering tasks can be carried out quickly, with the highest quality and with repeatability. The FRC500 robot from MTA is designed to either work stand-alone or to be easily integrated into existing lines. It can be fitted with either 3 or 4 axis and a number of different soldering heads. The product can be presented in either fixed tooling, on conveyor, rotary table or delivered by a shuttle system. The robot can be supplied fully fixtured and programmed as a turnkey solution.

  • Fully programmable via industrial PC.
  • 500 * 500 mm working area.
  • Fast quiet X, Y, Z, and Theta axis.
  • Range of different soldering technique