Essemtec Scorpion

Contax Production Automation Ltd


This demands a highly flexible machine platform where the necessary valves and dispensing technologies can be easily adapted.

To fulfil these market needs ESSEMTEC is offering a complete family of automatic dispensing machines. Either stand-alone or inline systems are available.

The Scorpion
The exceptional performance is achieved due to the new dispenser base, the Paraquda machine platform. Its XY-portal is built on a robust mineral cast chassis that provides excellent damping and smooth motion at high speed. The H-Drive features precision linear measuring devices to guarantee highest accuracy for demanding tasks. The easy programming and operation allow for the use of a wide range of dispensing applications. The Scorpion can be equipped with up to four dispensing valves of any kind, in which case two valves are running in parallel. Each of the dispensing heads is equipped with an independent, highly accurate C-drive with an extra-large 85 mm (3.34") stroke. The ideal valve for an application is determined by the user or by process specialists. The working range of the Scorpion is specified at 650 x 500 mm (25.6 x 19.7") for a standalone machine and 510x470 mm (20x18.5") for inline machines.

  • Inline or Stand alone
  • Dot, line, circle curves, 3D dispensing
  • Automatic height calibration system by laser
  • Fast interchangeable heads for different valves
  • Automatic translation of pick and place programs