Essemtec Expert-Line


Contax Production Automation Ltd

Essemtec Expert-Line
Production of today's SMT boards for prototyping or small batches requires tools to ensure the highest quality standards. The ESSEMTEC EXPERT-LINE system provides you with a complete family of pick and place machines. Over 2000 systems are in daily use worldwide. The Expert-SA semiautomatic placement system are used for complex prototypes as well as for efficient production of small batches. The software control guarantees placement of the correct components on the correct pads. Adding the MPL3000 microplacers system for BGA,CSP or flip chip makes the Expert a complete prototyping station for all types of component

  • Manual or semiautomatic models
  • Patented air suspended pick and place head
  • Hover position for fine-alignment
  • Large variety of feeding systems
  • Modular upgradeable