Essemtec Paraquda

New standard in SMT Technology

Contax Production Automation Ltd

Essemtec Paraquda

The Paraquda defines a new standard of highly flexible SMD pick & place machines. Drive technology, materials, vision system and software have been developed especially for this machine and are trend-setting. The Paraquda combines four machines in one: A chip placer, a fine pitch placer, an odd-shape component placer and a dispensing machine.

A new generation SMD pick and place machine, designed for the highly flexible SMT production with higher throughput.& Places chips, fine pitch and odd-shape components and dispenses - all in one machine. Operation and programming using new intuitive ePlace user interface.

4 placement heads, up to 15,000 cph
Upto 240 Feeder positions, Highest number of feeder slots per square meter in the market
Component range 01005 to 80x70 mm, height up to 25 mm
2 dispensing valves can be integrated
Intuitive, easy operation using the new platform ePlace
Job and quality management integrated
High speed placement head with real-time trajectory optimization
Changeover without downtime
hyQ-feeder for different tape sizes
FLX feeders can be re-used on Paraquda.

  • Intuitive operation with ePlace
  • 4 SMD placement heads
  • Laser and Vision "on the fly" centring
  • Places 01005
  • Component Verification CVU
  • CAD conversion
  • Small footprint