Contax Production Automation Ltd

The RO400FC provides users with a proven lead free capability. With its full force convection low mass design, it often out performs ovens often viewed as being beyond its range; found to be most suited where small to mid size production volume is the norm. User definable profiles can be added to the pre-programmed profiles supplied with the system. Temperatures in each zone are constantly monitored by the thermocouples located adjacent to substrate. As an option an edge rail can be supplied to enable a full in-line production process meeting SMEMA standards. With the addition of thermocouples and RO-Soft profiling software substrate temperatures can be monitored in real time and stored for future reference. Nitrogen is an option.

  • Full force convection proven lead free capable
  • Heated length 1680mm
  • Large air volume 3000m3/h
  • Low mass fast response
  • Process width 400mm
  • Proven low deltas